Global Manufacturing Reliability Excellence Award
Shell Global Manufacturing EVP Lori Ryerkerk presents the Global Manufacturing Reliability Excellence Award to Shell Tabangao General Manager Eduard Geus.

The refinery was recognized for achieving a notable 3% full-year unplanned down time (UPDT) attaining 75% less UPDT versus 2014 and 25% less than the Global Manufacturing target.

“We are an integrated site. If one unit has an issue, all units have an issue. We have to put our target on reliability at high, because our refinery will never thrive without good reliability,” said Shell Tabangao General Manager Eduard Geus.

According to Geus, the Tabangao team makes certain that they are able to supply the needs of the customer and deliver the products on a daily basis.

To sustain this excellence in reliability, Reliability Manager Emerson Galacio said that, “operations must always be cost-effective and energy-efficient”. He added that it is essential for every person to be quick in capturing weak signals and anticipating potential events that may hamper day-to-day operations.

Reliable in delivering cleaner, smarter products

Aside from the refinery’s outstanding reliability performance for a calendar year, Shell Philippines also triumphed over the Euro-IV(PH) challenge as it successfully upgraded the refinery through the STAR TREC (Shell Tabangao Asset Renewal – Tabangao Refinery Euro-IV(PH) Compliance) Project last December.

The STAR TREC project is the company’s direct response to the government’s aspiration for cleaner fuel products early this year. For over 100 years, Shell remains a strong partner of the government in nation-building through robust business activities and social development programs that contribute to the country’s economic progress. This project is testament to Shell’s commitment to building smarter infrastructure using ground breaking technology for the consumers to enjoy smarter products and concept lubricants for clean and efficient transport.

The Shell Tabangao Refinery is now producing 110,000 barrels per day of Euro-IV(PH) compliant fuels – lower sulfur content of 50 ppm (parts per million) compared to previous Philippine standard of 500 ppm.
“The refinery upgrade and STAR TREC project completion is an incredible milestone, because to install this unit in a live plant where everything is running 24/7 demonstrates our commitment to safety and our commitment to deliver,” said Geus. ###


Ramon Del Rosario                                                     

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