We insist on honesty, integrity, and respect for people in all aspects of our business and expect the same from our partners. 

The Code of Conduct and Shell General Business Principles are fundamental to how we conduct our business; living by them has been critical to our continued success. We work hard at maintaining a culture of commitment to ethics and compliance, one in which it is expected that we do the right thing, and people feel confident to speak up and intervene when something feels not quite right. 

The Code of Conduct guides employees on how to comply with laws and high ethical standards. It contains clear requirements and simple advice to help employees make the right decisions and gives reassurance on where Shell stands on important ethics and compliance issues. 

The Shell General Business Principles tell the world who we are, how we conduct our business, with emphasis on our responsibilities to our stakeholders. In accordance with these principles, we value the safety of our employees, partners, customers, and the community at large. 

Goal Zero is our core ambition: to achieve no harm and no leaks across all our operations. More than just compliance with HSSE standards, the culture of safety is embedded across the organization, with Pilipinas Shell employees embracing a duty of care for one another. Thus, actions toward identifying, reporting, and rectifying unsafe conditions at work are intended to ensure that each employee goes home to his or her family safe every single day. All Shell workers undergo safety training and are required to follow the HSSE Golden Rules: comply with the law, standards, and procedures; intervene in the event of unsafe or non-compliant actions; and respect our neighbors. Work permits and other forms of authorization prior to work are also required under the12 Life-Saving Rules. 

At the close of every year, business managers sign off on their respective Business Assurance Letters, addressed to the Country Chairman, assuring that there have been no incidents of non-compliance or breaches of trust. Likewise, both the President and Chief Executive Officer, and Corporate Audit and Assurance Manager issue an attestation on the effectiveness of internal controls. Based on these attestations and assurance from internal and external auditors, the Board Audit and Oversight Committee assesses the adequacy of Pilipinas Shell’s controls, governance, and risk management.

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Corporate Governance Framework

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Integrity Week at Pilipinas Shell

Pilipinas Shell celebrated Integrity Week on September 17-21, 2018, with the theme “Managing Ethical Dilemmas to Reduce Risk and Add Value.

Asia’s Community Care Company of the Year 2018 ACES Awards

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