Message from the President & CEO

Message from the President & CEO

It is not by chance that Pilipinas Shell is the oldest energy company in the Philippines. This report, “105 Years of Energy, A Legacy of Sustainable Partnership,” illustrates our consistent and strategic approach to sustainability from day one. Sustainability in Pilipinas Shell is deeply rooted in three factors: to become – and remain – a world-class investment, to thrive through the transition to lower-carbon energy, and to be a responsible partner of the Philippines in nation building.

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History and Partnership

Shell Pilipinas traces its roots to Asiatic Petroleum Company (Philippine Islands) Ltd., an importer and retailer of motor gasoline and kerosene. The Company underwent several structural and name changes, culminating as Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corporation in 1973. Today, Shell Pilipinas is one of the leading oil refining and marketing companies in the country.


Bida sa Kalsada: Shell Rimula Tsuperstar

The intent of oil brand is really to support Filipino drivers. “The Rimula tagline is ang langis na kasing-sipag mo’ [the oil that works just as hard as you]. The brand is really giving recognition to the hard work that the driver is putting in each day.

Your Neighborhood Next-Gen Retail Station

We designed Shell Mango to be an oasis, a community hub where students can study at the second floor of our two-story Shell Select while public transportation is accessible to commuters at the PUV terminal that we have on-site

20 Years of Movement Against Malaria

With close collaboration between the public and private sector, the Philippines is expected to achieve its target to be malaria-free by 2030.

Bitumen FreshAir Debuts in Bohol

We differentiate ourselves not just by the quality and diversity of our portfolio, but also by offering technical assistance, among other services, to our customers. We have the capability to adapt to whatever new technology that a particular market would require.

First Integrated Hydrogen Manufacturing Facility in the Philippines

In 2019, Pilipinas Shell embarked ona partnership to create a facility within Tabangao Refinery that will supply the additional hydrogen requirements needed by the Company to optimize its production of quality gasoline and diesel. This new hydrogen facility will be the first of its kind in the Philippines and is expected to improve the competitiveness of the Refinery.

Be Well: Promoting a Speak-up Culture

Employees are encouraged to have open and honest conversations about their mental health. As part of the umbrella of human performance and care program, the company creates a space where people are free to speak up and let their leaders know what they are going through.


Pilipinas Shell Annual and Sustainability Report 2017

Fuel the Philippines, Make the Future demonstrates that Pilipinas Shell’s commitment to sustainability is also our commitment to the future.

Pilipinas Shell Annual and Sustainability Report 2018

Our third Annual and Sustainability Report, “Values That Drive Us: Uplifting Lives, Powering Progress”, demonstrates the links that unite our people with the local communities in the attainment of shared goals.