The Capital Finance International Awards (CFI) annually recognizes individuals and organizations that lead economic enhancements in various industries for all stakeholders they serve. According to its website, its panel of judges lauded Shell’s “adaptive business approach and long-term commitment as a partner in nation-building.”

Composed of more than 4,000 members, all Shell employees take to heart and exhibit through actions their core values of honesty, integrity, and respect for people. Every single team member abides by the established Code of Conduct, making the organization one that individuals can whole-heartedly rely on.

Apart employing programs that ensure the well-being, safety, and career development of their employees, Shell stands firm in their position as one of the country’s pillar in nation-building. Its social arm Pilipinas Shell Foundation, Inc. (PSFI) works with various communities around the Philippines, with programs that focus on livelihood, education, health and safety, environment.

Life at Shell

Continuity and Care in the Time of COVID-19

At the height of the pandemic, Pilipinas Shell managed to further enhance its business resilience by adapting relevant business models to the current environment and emerging customer needs.

Respiratory Care Programme in Covid Times

The respiratory care campaign centers on empowering staff and their dependents, highlighting the importance of being accountable and responsible for one’s actions and behavior to prevent the spread of respiratory illness and to keep oneself healthy amid the pandemic.



Caring for the environment is integral to our business.


We care for the communities just like how we care for our operations.

Health and Safety

We strive to maintain high standards of health and safety as it is our licence to operate.

Employee Empowerment

Our company’s success lies on our empowered people.