Bitumen & Beyond: Integrated Services Across the Industry

Bitumen and Beyond supports the sectoral journey towards integrated offerings becoming the industry/customer’s decarbonization partner by understanding the industry value chain and seeing where Pilipinas Shell can provide solutions. The Bitumen and Beyond model has powered one of the biggest construction projects in the Philippines in 2021.

cordovo bridge

Cebu-Cordova Bridge: The New Icon of the South

The Cebu-Cordova Link Expressway (CCLEX), known also as the Cebu-Cordova Bridge, is an iconic and artistically designed 8.5 km bridge in Metro Cebu. A major infrastructure project, the newly constructed toll bridge links the area of Cebu City and Cordova and is expected to serve 50,000 vehicles daily. Pilipinas Shell supported the construction through the supply of Shell FuelSave Diesel and Shell FuelSave Gasoline. The road is also paved with Shell Bitumen FreshAir. Leveraging on its high HSSE operational standards, Pilipinas Shell also provided technical support and training to ensure efficiency and safety in handling, receiving, and discharging of products. Additional equipment including several units of dispensing pumps for fuels, and storage tanks were also supplied.


Providing Solutions

Pilipinas Shell provides products and fuel choices that leads to more efficient performance, increased savings, and lower environmental impact. Below are the main products supplied for the CCLEX.



Caring for the environment is integral to our business.


We care for the communities just like how we care for our operations.

Health and Safety

We strive to maintain high standards of health and safety as it is our licence to operate.

Employee Empowerment

Our company’s success lies on our empowered people.