Dividend Policy

Pilipinas Shell is committed to pay annual dividends of a minimum of 75% of its prior year audited net income after subject to compliance with the requirements of applicable laws and regulations and subject to Board Approval. The amount of dividends will be reviewed periodically by the Board in light of the Company's earnings, financial condition, cash flows, capital requirements and other considerations while maintaining a level of capitalization that is commercially sound and sufficient to ensure that the Company can operate on a standalone basis.

Pilipinas Shell (SHLPH) is consistently one of the top dividend-yielding stocks in the Philippine Stock Exchange. 

Historical Dividend Payout since 2016 Initial Public Offering

Dividends 20171 2018 2019
Pay-out ratio for prior year earnings 80% 80% 95%
Dividend/share (in PHP) 3.73 5.14 3.00

1Note: Dividends paid out for 2016 earnings include payment to existing stockholders pre-IPO.

2020 – An unprecedented year

Pilipinas Shell’s Board of Directors has decided to cancel the Company’s 2020 dividend payout for 2019 financial results to ensure that the Company remains financially resilient, and to preserve cash for the year, in light of the unprecedented challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Company is continuously evaluating options to provide meaningful rewards to its shareholders. Pilipinas Shell aims to consistently increase our dividend payout annually, subject to Board approval. We expect our dividends to increase as our business grows.


For further questions about dividend payments, please contact your bank, broker, custodian or financial institution directly.