1. Raising industry and community safety standards

Pilipinas Shell is committed to protecting the environment and respecting its neighbours. It works hard to cause no harm to people. This is why Pilipinas Shell sets such high environmental standards which meet all regulatory requirements and often exceed them.

The company’s standards cover its environmental performance including: managing emissions of greenhouse gases, using less energy more efficiently, flaring and burning off less gas during oil production, preventing spills and leaks of hazardous materials, using less fresh water and conserving biodiversity wherever we operate. Pilipinas Shell encourages partners in joint ventures to apply Shell standards. Pilipinas Shell works in partnership with many non-governmental organizations, local government units, academics and local communities to maintain and sustain its high standards.

2. Developing sustainable energy

Pilipinas Shell advocates for efficient use of energy as the simplest and most cost-effective way to reduce emissions, and mitigate climate change—through driver education, fuel efficient driving behaviour, and smarter mobility collaboration and strategic partnerships with relevant organisations to fuel the country’s progress. As Pilipinas Shell aims to meet the world’s future energy needs with a diversified energy mix and cleaner energy, it enjoins consumers and businesses to use energy better, to do more with less, and make energy conservation a way of life.

Making consumers realise the benefits of sustainable mobility in their everyday living is the goal of the Shell Eco-marathon Asian leg, an innovative fuel-efficiency programme that gathers engineering students from all over Asia to design and build vehicles of the future. Pilipinas Shell hosted this innovative global initiative from 2014-2016 at the historic Rizal Park in Manila which introduced thousands of students and the public to smarter mobility and future of energy.

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We care for the communities just like how we care for our operations.

Health and Safety

We strive to maintain high standards of health and safety as it is our licence to operate.