COVID-19 Support

Pilipinas Shell’s COVID-19 Country Response is based on the Promote, Protect, and Access framework of Shell Health. These core strategies go hand in hand to deliver holistic care and

enable employees to perform at their best amidst challenges:

  1. Promote— health communication is key through science-based and pragmatic information campaigns on physical, mental and social health including vaccination programs;
  2. Protect— focused on reinforcing COVID-19 prevention measures and stringent implementation of health & safety protocols in the workplace and at home. It also ensures that those with co-morbidities receive a Care Plan to protect them from severe outcome of the disease;
  3. Access— vaccination drives offered across the Shell community- employees, dependents and partners; 24/7 tele consults, dedicated patient coordination team for priority groups such as those needing urgent care and hospitalization; Home Recovery Program, Home Care Kits, Home Testing services, patient transport vehicle, accommodation for facility-based quarantine in Tabangao.

Throughout the duration of the support, all medical information collected from employees or communities that it served is protected and remains confidential. Our Shell Health partners employ security measures as an added control to maintain confidentiality

99% Fully Vaccinated Staff *Based on PSPC employee survey last December ‘21 with 94% response rate

Through a tie-up with the Red Cross and the Ayala Group, our vaccination program continued to be implemented throughout the year resulting in 99% vaccination rate for Pilipinas Shell staff. With the incremental rise in COVID-19 cases and limited availability of quarantine areas, Shell Health was able to negotiate with partner LGU to convert one of our staff houses in Tabangao into a quarantine house. Shell staff who need to be quarantined were brought there with ease and comfort.

COVID-19 care packs containing pulse oximeter and medicines were delivered to employees’ residences. As for those who are requiring oxygen, Shell Health also lends/delivers oxygen concentrators to staff. In case of emergency where staff need to be admitted in the hospital, our 3rd party ambulance provider (covering NCR) can be asked to transport the person from home to hospital and is always available if needed.


Impact of COVID-19 Support

  • ~7,000 vaccination and booster shots provided for employees and their dependents
  • Administered in 8 main cities nationwide
  • Free rapid antigen testing on Shell sites that is valid for 7 days after taken



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