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Our Approach to Sustainability

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For more than a century now, Pilipinas Shell has produced and distributed high-quality energy products in the Philippines. Our longevity as a corporate entity, and our continued investment in the country and in the Filipino, are manifestations of our commitment to sustainability. Sustainability is integral to every aspect of our business; therefore, we seek to meet the energy needs of an ever-growing population in ways that respect people, maintain safety, and protect the environment.

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How we run our business

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Running a safe, efficient, responsible and profitable business

We have global standards, processes, and tools in place to manage safety, the environment and community involvement. We aim to continuously improve the way we operate to prevent incidents and identify, avoid where possible, and minimise adverse environmental and social impacts across our projects and facilities.

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How we help communities

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Sharing wider benefits where we operate

Participating in nation-building is part of sustaining our business in the long-term. We help to develop local economies by creating jobs, sourcing from local suppliers, and paying taxes. We support community projects that are based on the needs of the local communities.

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How we fuel the future

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Helping to shape a more sustainable energy future

In the coming decades, more and cleaner energy will be needed for economic development in the face of growing environmental pressures. We continue to contribute to the public dialogue on energy and climate policy. Yet, the global challenges that the world faces are too great for one company, or one sector, to resolve. We advocate that businesses, governments, and civil society work together to better shape a more sustainable energy future.

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Featured Stories

Recognising Shell’s Frontline Heroes

The annual Smiling Stars Awards underscores Shell’s commitment to empower our frontline employees. Ellevera’s story is a testament to the transformative power of believing in our frontline service champions.

Fuelling Legacy and Innovation

Pilipinas Shell gives motorists a truly satisfying stopover experience through our non-fuel offerings.

55 Years of Safe Aviation

For its 55th year, Shell Aviation (SAV) Philippines expanded its refuelling network to include Mactan-Cebu International Airport and celebrated 7,093 days of zero harm since 1998.

A Culture of Diversity in Shell

Shell celebrates difference to make a difference – that is, to #MakeTheFuture by discouraging workplace discrimination.

Vanguards of Product Quality

Pilipinas Shell takes product quality assurance on the road through the Shell Quality and Quantity Vans (SQVs).

PSFI: 35 years in the service of Filipinos

Making the Future means investing in today. For Pilipinas Shell, our commitment to nation-building means helping to create an environment where disadvantaged Filipinos can become productive and responsible members of society.

Pilipinas Shell Annual and Sustainability Report 2017

Fuel the Philippines, Make the Future demonstrates that Pilipinas Shell’s commitment to sustainability is also a commitment to the future.

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