Our Strategy

Our principal strategies for achieving its growth objectives are set out below.

(i) Selectively pursue profitable opportunities in the growing Philippine market.

We intend to selectively expand our retail network in profitable urban centers, surrounding suburbs and other emerging economic regions and growing rural trade areas. We target to increase our market share by capitalizing on our leading brand preference position, growing our base of customers and dealers through innovative loyalty programs, forging or strengthening relationships with our dealers, and expanding our commercial offering through various additional services.

(ii) Maintain a reliable and efficient supply and distribution chain.

We seek to maintain and improve our integrated, reliable and cost efficient structure by maximizing cost savings in our integrated supply chain network. We also intend to capture the market growth by maximizing the benefits and strategic geographical positions of our various supply points.

(iii) Optimize related product portfolio and offering to increase customer loyalty.

We offer both retail and commercial customers a comprehensive set of premium and regular fuel related products and services that are differentiated from other competitive offerings.

We plan to expand and develop our leading market position, improve margins and increase customer base by:

(i) inducing more customers to shift to premium fuels through sustained education and marketing; (ii) continually offering technologically innovative and superior fuel related products; (iii) continuing to upgrade our wholesale commercial offering; (iv) capitalizing on our position as the sole fuel oil producer in the Philippines; and (v) expanding our loyal customer base by sustaining the growth of our loyalty programs, developing dedicated loyalty schemes and further enhancing the retail customer experience through various initiatives.

(iv) Capture market growth opportunity in the lubricant and convenience retailing markets.

Our lubricant and non-fuel retail offerings continue to complement and augment our fuels related business. Given our extensive retail network, we are also well-positioned to capture greater market share in the lubricant and non-fuel retail sectors. Co-locator collaboration with major fast food chains and leading brands will also be increased to complement our convenience store offerings.

(v) Uphold the Shell Group’s high standards for corporate governance, HSSE matters and corporate social responsibility.

We aim to continue being a role model for world class corporate governance and conduct business in an open and transparent manner, consistent with our existing corporate governance standards. We are committed to good corporate governance and overall business sustainability and success, as evidenced by our adoption of the Manual of Corporate Governance, which requires regular review to provide an avenue for continuous improvement.

We also adhere to strict HSSE standards and intend to maintain a relentless focus on HSSE performance. Through the concept of Goal Zero (particularly, on three focus areas of personal, process and transport safety), we aim to achieve “no harms and no leaks” across all of our operations. These standards apply to all aspects of our activities, from designing a facility through to decommissioning a site.

The Shell General Business Principles and HSSE standards apply not only to our employees but even to contractors, third party service providers and any joint ventures where there is operational accountability.

We will also seek to continue playing a positive role in society by contributing to sustainable development efforts. We will continue to address community education and development efforts by funding projects such as Project KALSADA (Kabataang Ligtas sa Sakuna at Disgrasya), a road safety program in partnership with various local communities for students of schools located along the roads in the vicinity of the Tabangao Refinery and other regions.

(vi) Continuing to focus on world class talent development and retention to realize the full potential of its people.

We are led by an experienced management team supported by a highly skilled and highly motivated workforce that has been recruited through the Shell Group’s international recruitment process. Our organizational structure is based on a lean and fit-for-purpose design, which facilitates a high level of employee empowerment and engagement between management and front-liners. The Company has been able to retain talent, through our commitment and focus on people, evident in the low talent attrition rate.

A key focus is to develop the Filipino workforce. Further, in its effort to develop the workforce in its dealer network, the Company runs a nationwide scholarship programme, Gas Mo, Bukas Ko (GMBK) (meaning “You fuel my future”), in partnership with Pilipinas Shell Foundation Inc. (PSFI), aimed at upskilling service station attendants, enabling them to seize more income opportunities.


Shell petrol pump

Business Overview

We are one of the leading fuel retail players in the country. We aim to continue providing quality products and trusted service to more Filipino motorists across the archipelago. Filipinos can find our premium performance fuels, Shell V-Power Racing, Shell V-Power Gasoline, and Shell V-Power Diesel, along with our main grade offers of Shell FuelSave Gasoline and Shell FuelSave Diesel in our mobility stations all over the country.

Being at the forefront of innovation, we continue to revolutionize, not only to provide quality products for the changing needs of motorists, but also to redefine the experience in a fuels retail station. The rise of mobility stations as one-stop community destinations also optimizes operations with sustainability features such as solar panels, eco-bricks, rainwater catchment, and many more.  Our retailers are our strategic partners and we provide them with innovative tools that will help bring out the entrepreneurial spirit to grow our business together. In more than a thousand mobility stations today, our everyday heroes or forecourt attendants, provide committed service to every customer. Every visit to our mobility stations is an opportunity to provide our customers a worthwhile pit stop.

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Commercial Business

Man filling aviation fuel to plane

Business Overview

PSPC ’s commercial business prides itself as being a one stop shop for customers’ entire fuel and lubricants needs, providing fuel differentiation, technical consulting, security of supply through Shell network, price risk management customer offering, and a strong professional sales team.

Wholesale Commercial Fuels

The Wholesale Commercial Fuels business has a nationwide footprint. We serve leading companies in many industries including power, mining, wholesale, manufacturing, and marine.

Our product portfolio includes reliable main-grade and premium transport fuels (unleaded gasoline and diesel) for on-road and off-road heavy-duty vehicles as well as heavy fuel oils (cracked fuel oil and straight run fuel oil) for industrial heating and manufacturing boilers. Supply sources are a combination of local and imports.

We offer our customers innovative energy solutions that add value to their business, helping them improve the efficiency of their operations and reduce their environmental impact. In addition to high-quality fuels, we offer customers advanced business services to help them reduce their fuel price exposure and optimize energy use.

We make our products available to large customers directly, and to smaller customers indirectly through our Resellers. We are also a global leader in fuels innovation and we continually invest in research and development and collaborate with customers and Original Equipment Manufacturers to further enhance our fuels technology and develop more efficient and cleaner products.


Shell Aviation is a global supplier of aviation fuels, lubricants and technical services, serving all aviation segments. It has been providing jet fuel and refuelling services to local and international airlines in the Philippines since the 1950s, and is currently operating at airports in Manila and Clark.


The Lubricants business has a nationwide footprint. They offer Consumer, Transport and Industrial Lubricants. Key customers include B2B (Power, Gen Manufacturing, Transport, Mining) served via direct or through distributors, B2C indirect (independent workshops, retail trade outlets) and B2C direct (franchised workshops, OEM). Shell’s product range comprises of some of the biggest selling lubricants brands including Shell Helix, Shell Rimula, Shell Advance, Shell Spirax and Shell Tellus. Supply source for products are currently 100% imported.


The Bitumen business has a nationwide footprint enabling it to serve the different islands from its two terminals. Key customers are road contractors being served directly and indirectly. Pen grade bitumen, emulsions and cutbacks are the products on sale. Supply source for bitumen is currently 100% imported.”

Trading and Supply

Preparing to board MR vessel NCC HUDA Voyage 201603

Business Overview

The Company’s supply and distribution business operates an integrated supply chain network that integrates procurement, import, storage, and distribution of finished petroleum products using different modes of transport including vessels and trucks. This integrated supply chain ensures safe, timely, reliable and efficient delivery of fuel and specialty products to Shell customers while optimising the storage and transportation operations. It is comprised of three main elements: primary distribution, storage terminals and warehouses, and secondary distribution.

The primary distribution channel is composed of vessels loading fuel products from the Company’s refinery and other import facilities for distribution to the Company’s storage terminals. Nationwide, our access to fuels storage terminals and supply points, warehouses and import facilities underpinsour supply chain integration and allows the Company to offer its commercial and retail customers the volume and quality consistencies and reliability they expect from Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corporation. And lastly, the secondary distribution channel is comprised of vessels delivering petroleum products to large commercial accounts as well as road tankers servicing both retail stations and direct customers.

Pilipinas Shell has three import facilities that will continue to cater to the fuel needs of the country. The Shell Import Facility Tabangao (SHIFT) will serve the needs of Luzon and Northern Visayas. The Subic Import Facility caters to North and Central Luzon and parts of Metro Manila. Meanwhile, the North Mindanao Import Facility (NMIF) in Cagayan de Oro will serve the growing energy needs in the balance of Visayas and Mindanao region.

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Who we are

Shell Pilipinas Corporation traces its roots to Asiatic Petroleum Company (Philippine Islands) Ltd. In the Philippines back since 1914, and has grown to become one of the leading oil refining and marketing businesses in the Philippines.


The Board of Directors is led by Non-Executive Chairman Min Yih Tan and the Management Team for Pilipinas Shell is led by President Lorelie Q. Osial.