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Investor Relations Program

Read about Pilipinas Shell's Investor Relations Program's objectives, principles and modes of communication.

Capital Stock Information

Read about Pilipinas Shell’s capital stock information breakdown, ownership structure and major shareholders

Financial Reports

View Pilipinas Shell’s quarterly and full year results and annual reports

Dividend Information

Know more about Pilipinas Shell’s dividend policy and historical dividend payout

Investor Briefing Materials

View Pilipinas Shell’s investor presentations

Other Corporate Disclosures

A list of required financial and non-financial disclosures submitted to the Securities and Exchange Commission and Philippine Stock Exchange.

2020 Annual Stockholders’ Meeting

Access the webcast link here for our annual general meeting – 16 June, 2020 – 14:00 PHT here. We encourage you to use a PC with speakers to clearly hear the presenters.

Stockholder's Meeting Information

Stockholders’ Meeting notices and related information, archived minutes and voting results from past meetings.