Powered by Renewable Energy

SHIFT is 100% powered by a combination of solar, geothermal, and hydro energies provided by Shell Energy Philippines (SEPH). With its energy choice, the facility has already reduced 6,817 tons CO2e from the renewable energy sourced from the grid and 954 tons CO2e from the Solar Farm. SHIFT also has savings of around PHP30million for 2021 through the use of renewable energy and its VAT-free savings. These values and savings are calculated against the alternative of electricity being acquired from non-renewable sources from April to December 2021. SHIFT’s integrated energy system can generate up to 2,400MW-hours of power annually.

Lower Carbon Operations in Shell Aviation

Shell Aviation initiated sustainability efforts in the Joint Oil Companies Aviation Fuel Storage Plant (JOCASP) depot in the Ninoy Aquino International Airport and influencing other companies in the facility to start implementing their own sustainability measures as well. Shell Aviation employed the following measures that helped them to achieve a 10% reduction in carbon intensity in airport operations for 2021:

  • Switched to LED lights influenced for perimeter lighting and office lighting which led to lower electricity consumption ;
  • Switched to inverter type ACU to reduce electricity consumption ;
  • Started installing solar lighting in some parts of the maintenance area, JOCASP



Caring for the environment is integral to our business.


We care for the communities just like how we care for our operations.

Health and Safety

We strive to maintain high standards of health and safety as it is our licence to operate.

Employee Empowerment

Our company’s success lies on our empowered people.