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President and Chief Executive Officer

Executive Director, Chairperson of the Nomination Committee

- Effective 01 December 2021

Prior to this role, Lorelie was the first Filipino Global Vice President of Finance Process Expenditure.

She led the transformational journey of the Expenditure Process through sustainable improvements, innovation and digital/artificial intelligence/machine learning solutions while embedding a user-centric mindset and developing capabilities for the future. Her organisation, of more than 700 staff, partners with more than 50 counties across all businesses in the Shell Group.

A member of the Shell Companies in the Philippines Country Coordinating Team.

Lorelie represented the Finance community of ~2,000 professionals in the Country Coordination Team that is accountable for the overall wellbeing of ~4,000 staff nationwide. She is also a member of the East Talent Forum representing senior Filipino talent in the global arena.

A Shell transformational leader with over 20 years of experience locally and globally.

  • 2016-18 Finance Director and Country Controller, Shell Philippines Exploration BV; the operator of Malampaya Deepwater to Gas Project.
  • 2013-16 Finance Manager Projects - Shell EP International Ltd / Basrah Gas Company (BGC) in Iraq, the world’s largest flare reduction project where she was responsible for the startup and provision of world-class Finance to a portfolio of approximately 80 projects with a USD 17 Billion capital investment in a pioneering and one of the toughest external environments in Shell.
  • 2009-13 Head of Project Accounting/Sr. Project Accountant - Iraq South Gas Utilization Project in - Shell EP Intl Ltd
  • 2005-2009 - Senior Finance Advisor covering Gas and Power opportunities in South Asia, Middle East and North Africa Others

Former Chair of the Board of Trustees in two pension funds and was formerly a member of the Board of Directors of the British Chamber of Commerce in the Philippines

Message from Lorelie Osial

Even after having one of the longest lockdowns globally and significantly suffering from the effects of the pandemic, the Philippines continues to be one of the fastest-rising economies globally. The country’s growth will be supported by vast infrastructure projects with new roads and highways that will reach new communities and connect more places.

As the Philippines grows, Pilipinas Shell continues to strive to be a partner in development and serve current demands. But more importantly, we look forward to the future and create more innovative products and services that could deal with the fastchanging needs of our times.

We are pursuing our reset and refocused strategy as we aim to expand our mobility network with 40-60 new sites per year, and grow our convenience and retail offer with 550 Select stores and 900 vehicle servicing sites by 2025. These new developments, among others, are anchored on offering more integrated solutions to vehicle care and maintenance, new customer-centric amenities, and modern site and structure design that considers sustainable construction and operation.

We are also focused on digitization and will soon offer more digital tools to help customers manage their fleet easily.

Sustainability requires a multi-sectoral approach. In Pilipinas Shell, we have been working on nature-based solutions offering to help clients in their decarbonization journey. Furthermore, we are also partnering with government agencies and the private sector to launch a program to explore the opportunities to use recycled plastic on road projects.

We will also continue to invest in our world-class supply chain with an aspiration to have five medium-range (MR) import terminals nationwide. Finally, we hope to maintain our leading position in corporate governance, talent management and progressively move towards our low carbon operations.

There is so much to look forward to and I am excited, as we recover, grow our business and power progress for the Philippines and the Filipino people.

Lorelie Q. Osial
New President and CEO
Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corporation



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