The primary intervention is focused on flu vaccination. In light of the current circumstances, there were three implementation strategies based on the set guidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO) in conducting immunization activities during the pandemic. This is supported by Shell’s return-to-site operations guidelines to ensure that health protocols are stringently followed.

The initial phase of flue vaccination was offered and arranged for staff with site-essential tasks and were required to work in operational assets and facilities, such as the refinery and the depots. The next phase is the “drive-through” vaccination activity, done in partnership with our retail stations. We offer this to Pilipinas Shell employees and dependents who are mostly working from home.

In both phases, COVID-19 protocols, such as the use of digital queuing apps and screening forms, were in place. For those with challenges going to the drive-through venue, a home-service arrangement was offered with minimal cost to staff. Despite the unusual circumstances this service must be carried out with proper care and consideration to let our employees know that their health and well-being always comes first.

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Continuity and Care in the Time of COVID-19

At the height of the pandemic, Pilipinas Shell managed to further enhance its business resilience by adapting relevant business models to the current environment and emerging customer needs.

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