1. Raising industry and community safety standards

Pilipinas Shell works in partnership with various government organisations, local communities and stakeholders to share safety experience, standards and knowledge. Some of these initiatives include:

  • Partnership with the Philippine National Police in efforts to maintain peace and order at Pilipinas Shell’s dealerships and surrounding areas, as well as strengthen cooperation between Pilipinas Shell’s dealers and local police in law enforcement and active community support;
  • Partnership with various local communities in Project KALSADA (Kabataang Ligtas sa Sakuna at Disgrasya), a Road Safety Programme for students of schools located along the roads in the vicinity of the Tabangao refinery, and other regions including Pandacan, Manila, Palawan, and Bacolod. Pilipinas Shell co- founded the Philippine Global Road Safety Program (“PGRSP”). PGRSP is an NGO whose mission is to improve road safety here in the Philippines. Over the years, Pilipinas Shell continues to be an active member and leads in sharing its best practices on road safety in the industry;
  • Pilipinas Shell is a member of the Philippine Disaster Resilience Foundation (PDRF) and it utilises its network of depots and retail stations nationwide to ensure that fuel is available to affected areas as it is vital to disaster recovery and rehabilitation.

2. Corporate Social Responsibility

Pilipinas Shell aspires to be a leader in community relations, treating local communities with dignity and respect, developing good relationships and mutual trust with local governments, as well as implementing industry best practice and environmentally friendly technology for its downstream oil business while pursing the underlying business objective of building value.

Pilipinas Shell works closely with Pilipinas Shell Foundation Inc. (“PSFI”), its social development arm, for its various corporate social responsibility (CSR) programmes. The partnership between Pilipinas Shell and PSFI has over 30 years’ experience in spearheading and managing award-winning social development programs of national and local scales ranging from leadership enhancement and attitude development; technical, vocational and agricultural skills development, training and employment; healthcare and services, sanitation, and safety; livelihood and entrepreneurship development; to environmental stewardship.

3. Developing the Youth

Pilipinas Shell also continues to be the sponsor of the following long-running programmes:

  • Shell National Students Art Competition (“NSAC”), the country’s longest running art competition for young Filipino artists which have produced some of the country’s renowned National Artists such as Jose Joya, Federico Aguilar Alcuaz, Ang Kiukok, and Benedicto ‘Bencab’ Cabrera. This advocacy continues to build Shell’s positive reputation by nurturing the talents of Filipino youths in the field of visual arts.
  • Shell National Youth Active Chess Competition (SNYACC) is an innovative programme for the youth that fosters character formation, sportsmanship, and youth empowerment through annual chess tournaments open to Filipinos under 20 years old. On its 24th year, the annual Shell Active Chess continues to gather thousands of chess players all over in the country at strategic locations in Metro Manila, Batangas, Cagayan De Oro, Davao, and Cebu.

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