List of Disclosures

*Annual Corporate Governance Report

SEC Form 17-L (Notification of Inability to File On Time All or Any Required Portion of SEC Form 17-A or 17-Q)

*Report on the company's assessment of its level of adoption of the recommendations stated in the PSE Corporate Governance Guidelines

*Disclosure on Stockholders' Meeting/Notice to PSE of record date for annual stockholders' meeting

*List of Stockholders entitled to Vote in Stockholders’ Meetings

*Report on Number of Shareholders Owning at least 1 Board Lot each

*Results of Election of Directors/Appointment of Officers/Constitution of Audit Committee, Nominations Committee, Compensation Committee

*Prohibition against a Director or Officer dealing in the Issuer's securities during the period within which material non-public information is obtained and up to two full trading days after the price sensitive information is disclosed

*Disclosure on Transactions of Directors and Principal Officers in the Issuer's securities

*Disclosure of Pending Release of Shares Held Under Voluntary Lock-Up

Report of 5% of Institutional Buyers(SEC Form 18-AS)

*Disclosure on Change of Stock Transfer Agent

*Notice of company and analyst/investors briefings

Statement of Changes to Beneficial Ownership of Securities (Form 23-B)

Other Disclosures

  • *Response to Inquiry on Unusual Trading Activity
  • *Disclosure of Acquisition of Outstanding Shares and Sale of Treasury Shares
  • *Update of Prior Statements

*Applicable Posting Listing

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