Pilipinas Shell takes product quality assurance on the road through the Shell Quality and Quantity Vans (SQVs). The SQVs conduct surprise product quality and quantity testing at Shell retail stations nationwide.

The SQV team tests and analyses gasoline and diesel products at designated retail stations against Shell product standards. They are equipped to calibrate dispensers in compliance with local legislation on volume delivery tolerances, and to measure pump meter readings to reconcile periodic sales versus withdrawals, or fuels purchased from the site.

The SQV team provides a monthly visit plan to the Operational Excellence Manager, and consolidated weekly results to the Sales and Operations Districts via the Territory Managers. After providing retailers the results of the testing, the SQV team can train retailers to address minor issues such as defective cam locks, pump meters, or over- and underdispensing pumps on-site.

Each station that passes the SQV testing can proudly hang the streamer, “Tiwala Ka Sa Shell.” Currently, there are four active SQVs, with each SQV able to visit around 60 sites per month nationwide.

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