Social performance seeks to enhance the positive impacts and avoid the negative impacts of the business by being a responsible neighbor. Social investment, on the other hand, maximizes benefits through strategic contributions to support the development of our partners and communities.

Each major facility has a Social Performance Plan that is reviewed annually. In alignment with global best practice, Pilipinas Shell also conducts a self-assessment exercise, the Joint Assessment Review (JAR), which is based on the Social Performance Manual requirements. The JAR enables the business leaders to collaborate with the asset managers and local social performance teams to highlight areas for improvement, implement management actions approved by the Country Chairman, and ensure that results are delivered within the year.

Pilipinas Shell recently concluded a review of its approach to social investments for 2018-2020. The result of the refresh was to sharpen the strategy and drive social investments across the business. Attuned to the global direction, we laid out a set of priority themes to guide the selection of social investments for the business, without discounting that Pilipinas Shell assets may have activities and investments that are specific to their locations and host communities.

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Shell ACTS: A Community that Serves

Shell prides itself with the culture of volunteerism and making meaningful impact to our community.

PSFI Partners with NKKMA and Green ANTZ Builders

One way to bring people together is through collaborations that will create opportunities for the majority.

Changemakers in a World Overflowing with Plastic

Our recently formed partnerships with Plastic Bank Philippines and Liter of Light redound to our efforts at reducing waste and promoting sustainability at the operational level, while uplifting the lives of marginalized sectors in the country.