Growth and Investment

For 2018, Pilipinas Shell’s capital expenditures remained at around Php 4.1 billion, distributed thus: 

  • 50% for the retail segment;
  • 30% for manufacturing; and
  • 20% for supply and distribution 

This year, we established an additional 50 new retail stations in strategic locations of the country, evenly matched by geographically advantageous supply points. Our retail sites are the most efficient in the country, with an average sales volume per station of more than twice the industry standard. 

Our sustainability goals propel us forward because we collectively focus on creating a better world that is fair and just for all. Our investment in the Philippines is for the long-term. We lead with impact, aligned with our strategy and vision, while safeguarding the future and driving social good. 

In this section

Enhanced Reliability and Quality of Supply Through the Bitumen Production Facility

The year 2018 marked a milestone for Pilipinas Shell, as the country’s only Bitumen Production Facility has become operational.

Building More Energy-efficient Retail Stations

As consumers become more environmentally conscious, companies are expected to better manage their footprint. Pilipinas Shell is responding to this challenge by incorporating energy-saving and waste-reducing features in new retail stations and their retrofitted counterparts.

Transformative Technology and Customer Service

Knowing our customers—understanding their most pressing problems and anticipating their emerging needs—makes it possible for Pilipinas Shell to tailor the products, services, and solutions that we offer.