New Generation Retail Stations
Shell Mango

New Generation Retail Stations

Managing the second-largest fuel retail network in the country provides Pilipinas Shell with ample opportunity to do more than create a venue for gassing up—
the Company is looking at fostering a better sense of community by transforming Shell retail stations into “community hubs. 

The Shell retail station is the frontline establishment for the Shell brand: it is the most recognizable and most frequented touchpoint for the Shell customer.
As such, it is well-positioned to introduce not just Pilipinas Shell’s value propositions but also the Company’s values, encourage both service excellence as well as good consumer behavior, and promote the adoption of shared goals. 

“Every retail station has a social cause, but very few of our customers know that,” says Pilipinas Shell Chairman Cesar G. Romero. “We aim to contribute to society in the advocacies that we adopt and promote onsite, and by creating a gathering place where people can connect and learn from each other.”

Sharing in sustainability 

Shell has set a standard for its retail stations whereby new sites will have additional green features, including solar panels to augment power requirements. This initiative is aligned with Shell Retail’s global sustainability and social purpose ambition of achieving 50% carbon emissions for all sites. 

In the Philippines, a total of 53 retail stations are already powered by solar. These retail stations also manage their power use through low-emitting diode (LED) lighting and inverter technologies for the air- conditioning, refrigeration, and chillers. In addition, the retail stations utilize paints that will reduce nitrogen oxide and help maintain air quality. 

“Sustainability has become key as the Company expands, updates, and upgrades the retail network. By pursuing smart energy solutions, we hope to fulfill this ambition to reduce our overall carbon footprint significantly,” says John Aldwin Angeles, Brands and Communications Manager for Pilipinas Shell Retail. “We only have one planet. Shell balances harnessing the Earth’s energy and caring for it by ensuring that our retail stations are equipped to save energy and reduce waste.” 

For the next generation 

Early in 2019, Pilipinas Shell conducted focus group discussions on what locals, particularly the youth, are looking for in a “neighborhood station.” Based on the community response, the Retail group conceptualized the next-generation retail station, which contains all of the green features standardized by Shell, combined with ample space for people to congregate. 

Launched last March, the pioneering next-generation station is located on the busy General Maxilom Avenue (popularly known as “Mango Avenue”) in Cebu City and conveniently incorporates a PUV terminal on-site. It has the Shell Select and deli2go convenience stores, as well as the branded Shell Helix Oil Change+ service center to cater to motorists on the go. Another key new feature is a hangout space on the second floor, with food kiosks featuring homegrown products, and a freedom wall for the community to post bulletins, express their sentiments, and share advocacies. 

“The next-generation station concept was co-created by Shell with the University of San Carlos students and faculty, to make sure that we offer what is relevant
to them,” says Ricky Altonaga, Pilipinas Shell District Manager for Visayas. “We designed Shell Mango to be an oasis, a community hub where students can study at the second floor of our two-story Shell Select while public transportation is accessible to commuters at the PUV terminal that we have on-site,” he added. 

The station is inviting and designed to be as functionally green as possible. As before, double- walled tanks are maintained to be leak-proof and safe, and there is an oil and water separator which is cleaned daily to maintain the integrity of the site. A new feature is a self-irrigating plant wall and a rainwater collector allowing the station to use run-off water for the plants in the landscaped area. 

The next-generation station model is meant to be replicated in response to the needs of the market. Following the blueprint of Mango Avenue Station, the Shell Banilad Station was also launched in December 2019. Its solar panels are expected to reduce energy costs by 36% and cut down on the station’s carbon footprint. It also has a PUV terminal and a second-floor community hangout. 

These changes enhance the experience for the motorist and provide a welcoming environment for the nearby local residents. The next-generation station reinforces Pilipinas Shell’s commitment to sustainability, and its inextricable link to the community, not just as a pitstop or temporary shelter but as a mainstay. 

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