As the flagship enterprise development programme of Shell globally, LiveWIRE focuses on strengthening local economies by promoting entrepreneurship, innovation, and meaningful employment.

We worked closely with local partners to help them adapt their products in order to remain relevant during the pandemic.

For one, PSFI has had a long history of working with the Silangan Ibabao Batis Bulihan Araneta Proper Multi-Purpose Cooperative (SIBBAP-MPC) in Batangas. PSFI provided the cooperative with heavy-duty sewing machines and 3D printers, as well as conducted capacity-building to hone their sewing skills.

Although they were already producing eco-bags, t-shirts, jogging pants, uniforms, and other items of clothing, the cooperative shifted their activities to focus on the creation of relevant products that most consumers would need during the pandemic. This led to the production of PPE clothing and washable face masks, which are essential for people who had to be outside their homes.

The face masks were made available at Shell Select stores, making it easy and convenient for people to purchase them. SIBBAP-MPC was recognized as one of the Top 10 Innovators in the 2020 Global Shell LiveWIRE competition.

PSFI also looked for ways to bridge the gap between community enterprises and Pilipinas Shell’s business community. This involved working with partner farmers, communities of indigenous peoples, and local seamstresses to produce high-quality, unique products for corporate giveaways.

Shell LiveWIRE also worked directly with business experts and consultants to help local start-ups expand and develop through the first run of its Acceleration Programme. This is a three-month programme where participating start-ups are given training, funding support, and mentorship to help grow their businesses and increase their chances of success.

The Shell LiveWIRE Acceleration Programme focused on innovative Filipino enterprises in areas of (1) energy, (2) environment and circular economy, (3) local prosperity, and (4) COVID-19 impact. Apart from the financial support and valuable training, community enterprises that successfully participated in the programme would enhance their brand and strengthen their credibility. They would also have the opportunity to be integrated into the value chain of Pilipinas Shell.

In 2020, there were nine sign-ups for the Acceleration Programme, namely: three tech startup enterprises (Nanotronics, NextPay, and uHoo); three social enterprises (SIBBAP-MPC, Cocohub, and Ecobricks); and three community enterprises (Oro Handmade, Magzwheel, and Revolve Outerwear)


  • local startup icon

    155 Local Startups

    From all over the country applied for SLW program

  • 9 selected icon

    9 Selected for SLW Boot Camp

    Provided with business training and additional capital

    • 3 Tech Startups
    • 3 Community Enterprises
    • 3 Social Enterprises
  • local jobs icon

    72 Local Jobs Created

    By the current LiveWIRE supported enterprises

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    3 Filipino-Made Technology

    Provided with mentoring to accelerate business growth and linkage to potential participation to Shell’s supply chain

Energy Solution and Circular Economy

  • uHOO's logo

    Uhoo is the most comprehensive environment monitoring and management system to help you create healthier, more energy efficient and more sustainable spaces (home, offices, buildings, hotels, hospitals, factories, etc.)

  • Nanotronics' logo

    Nanotronics produces a bio-based nanomaterial called cellulose nanocrystals made from indigenous plants to help reduce plastic waste in a sustainable way.

  • Nextpay's logo

    Nextpay is a simple and affordable digital banking platform that helps small business owners collect, send, and manage their money.

Community-Based Enterprises

  • Indigenous' logo

    Green Factory/Oro Handmade Innovations engaged in the manufacturing and exporting of handmade paper products. They’re also currently producing 100% Origami Abaca Face Masks, which is considered as an essential product during this pandemic.

  • Magzwheel furniture's logo

    Magzwheel Furnitures recycles discarded tires found on landfill areas to create objects like furniture, planters, and fashion accessories.

  • Revolve's logo

    Revolve Ecowear social enterprise that produces products and garments using recycled PET bottle materials.

Life at Shell

Continuity and Care in the Time of COVID-19

At the height of the pandemic, Pilipinas Shell managed to further enhance its business resilience by adapting relevant business models to the current environment and emerging customer needs.

Best Energy Corporate Governance

In recognition of Pilipinas Shell’s comprehensive governance code and its strong fit-for-purpose corporate structure that is guided by its core values of honesty, integrity, and respect for people.

Respiratory Care Programme in Covid Times

The respiratory care campaign centers on empowering staff and their dependents, highlighting the importance of being accountable and responsible for one’s actions and behavior to prevent the spread of respiratory illness and to keep oneself healthy amid the pandemic.



Caring for the environment is integral to our business.


We care for the communities just like how we care for our operations.

Health and Safety

We strive to maintain high standards of health and safety as it is our licence to operate.

Employee Empowerment

Our company’s success lies on our empowered people.