Date of Stockholders' Meeting May 11, 2021
Time 2:00 p.m.
Venue Virtual Meeting through Shell Operated Webcast
To register, please refer to the Procedure to Participate. Note: Registration is subject to verification process.
We encourage you to use a PC with speakers to clearly hear the presenters.
Record Date March 31, 2021

(1) Call to Order
(2) Certification of Service of Notice and Quorum
(3) Approval of Minutes of the Annual Meeting of the Stockholders held on 16 June 2020
(4) Chairman's Message
(4) President’s Report
(5) Financial Updates
(6) Approval of Certain Acts of the Board, Board Committees and Management:
     (a) Amendment of Primary Purpose
     (b) Appointment of External Auditors
(7) Election of Directors
(8) Other Matters
(9) Adjournment