AGM - Annual General Meeting

AFS – Audited Financial Statement

ASR – Annual Sustainability Report

b/d - barrels per day

bbl - barrel

boe(/d) - barrels of oil equivalent (per day)

CapEx – capital expenditure

CFFO – cash flow from operations

CO2 - carbon dioxide

COSA – cost of sales adjustment

E&C –Ethics & Compliance

FCF – free cash flow

GHG - greenhouse gas

GRM – gross refining margin

GTL - gas to liquids

HSE - health, safety and environment

HSC – Helix Service Centers

HSSE - health, safety, security and environment

IFRS - International Financial Reporting Standards

LNG - liquefied natural gas

LPG - liquefied petroleum gas

mtpa - million tonnes per annum

ML – million liters

MW – megawatts

NIAT – net income after tax

NGL - natural gas liquids

NMIF – North Mindanao Import Facility

NGO - non-governmental organisation

OPEC - Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries

OpEx – operating expense

PSFI – Pilipinas Shell Foundation, Inc.

PSPC – Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corporation

ROACE – return on average capital employed

R&D - research and development

scf - standard cubic feet

SDG – UN Sustainable Development Goals

SHOC+ - Shell Helix Oil Change +

TRCF - total recordable case frequency

WTI - West Texas Intermediate

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Learn about our business and people, which grew from a small presence over 100 years ago to become a major energy company in the Philippines.

What we do

We are an integrated energy company that aims to meet society’s growing demand for energy in ways that are economically, environmentally and socially responsible.