We make sure that our lorry drivers act in a responsible and professional manner while en route to our retail and customer sites, while delivering our products, and while journeying back to the terminals after delivery and ultimately to their homes.

As a policy, Pilipinas Shell already ensures that the transportation meets our global safety standards. We require all vehicles to have an anti-locking brake system (ABS), for example. We are currently also exploring the installation of a roll-over prevention device, so that our vehicles remain balanced to further avoid accidents on the road. We co-develop designs and work with our suppliers and contractors on meeting the stringent specifications for our lorry tanks and other equipment.

We further lower the risk of incidents by focusing on fatigue management, with controls in place to make sure that drivers are well-rested and fit to work; coaching skills for road transport team and staff; and personal safety.

We ask our drivers to commit this practice to memory via the STOP campaign:

S : Spot the hazards and act safely.
T : Take a quality rest and day-off.
O : Obey rules and policies.
P : Practice defensive driving, always.

Pilipinas Shell reinforces these safe habits through recognition programs that motivate lorry drivers and vessel operators to uphold safe operations 24/7. We conduct spot checks, and quarterly and annual assessments on drivers’ attendance and safety performance, particularly their observance of the 12 Life-Saving Rules. Drivers are given a rating based on key performance indicators, and those with outstanding scores are recognized and rewarded for their excellent service.

Partners in road safety

The annual Professional and Responsible Drivers for Shell (PARDS) safety program recognizes the most outstanding drivers with certificates of excellence and rewards them with cash incentives. They are judged on attendance, customer satisfaction, compliance with “safe to load” and “safe to deliver” procedures, journey management, adherence to pre- and post-trip discussions, and integrity in reporting zero, near-miss, and potential incidents.

In 2018, PARDS recognized haulier drivers who received a Class A rating, the highest given based on the above criteria. Their performance has set the bar in fostering a culture of safety within and outside of Pilipinas Shell.

Master awards

Pilipinas Shell also holds the annual Maritime Safety and Technical Efficiency Recognition System (MASTERS) Awards to recognize partner vessel owners for performing with the highest levels of safety, product integrity, and operational readiness.

For this year, we awarded MIS Maritime Corp. “Shipowner of the Year.” They were nominated in three other categories, winning “Best TC Vessel” and “Best in HSSE.” Meanwhile, MT Carla 2 won “Best in Voyage Charter,” and Samal Island, who was also nominated thrice, won “Best in Performance.”

PARDS and MASTERS, among other initiatives implemented in Pilipinas Shell, help us ensure excellence in our operations, improve our interactions with the environment, and eliminate risks to the communities where we do business. 

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