Transformative Technology and Customer Service

Digital enablers: Fleet solutions

In the B2B market, for example, Shell Fleet Solutions constantly delivers on our promise to provide the customer with reliability, convenience, control, security, savings, and sustainability. We seek to be our customer’s first choice for mobility solutions and earn the trust of the market by providing relevant leading-edge technologies.

The Shell Card continuously evolves to meet customer needs. Our global Customer Value Proposition (CVP) presents new features that target the immediate needs of our market, with benefits resonating to the driver, fleet manager, controller, and finance manager.

Providing solutions means that customers have the pick of the best and most relevant feature. A car leasing company, for example, will benefit from a Fleet ID that will indicate which among multiple drivers has control of the vehicle. Trucking companies with specific routes will benefit from Site Restriction.

Pilipinas Shell also provides a complementary Partner Card that allows the benefits to be extended to third parties, with the customer billed only for the amount that is consumed under the set limits.

Given our offerings and our efforts to reach out to customers to ensure their satisfaction with our performance, we attracted more fleet accounts in 2018, nearly double the amount from the previous year.

In 2019, Shell Fleet Solutions will also be offering the feature of One-Off Cards which can be issued in case of emergency, so that customers can continue to benefit from Shell’s products and services.

Skypad: Aviation goes digital

Last May 2018, Shell Aviation replaced the traditional invoicing process with the faster digital alternative, dubbed the Skypad, in Manila.

As a digital processing system, the Skypad eliminates paper transactions, reduces errors and improves accuracy of invoicing, and allows quicker turnaround time of the aircraft.

Capturing and recording data related to refueling transactions is no longer a tedious manual process, as the Skypad allows refueling tickets to be automatically populated with the flight information. Automated data checks contribute to invoice accuracy, and more importantly, live fuel delivery information and stock data can be easily analyzed in real time for fuel management solutions.

The refueling information and copies of electronic PODs (proofs of delivery) are also stored on our secure platform hub and may be viewed by key customers. 

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