Building More energy-efficient retail stations

Sustainability has become integrated in the ongoing program as the Company expands, updates, and upgrades the retail network. Investments such as solar panels, sophisticated service station hardware including economic dispensing systems, and recyclable construction materials are geared toward not just operational efficiency and excellence, but also environmental protection.

Pilipinas Shell has the second biggest retail network in the Philippines. Based on footprint, establishing more sustainable retail sites and updating old sites will have significant benefits to the community. The cumulative effect will lead to reduced pressure on the power grid, fewer emissions, and less waste sent to the landfill.

Ultimately, Pilipinas Shell’s transformed retail network aims to:

  • cater to the customer’s every need and support their on-the-go lifestyle while enhancing their well-being;
  • do no harm to the community by maintaining stringent safety protocols and properly managing waste; and
  • save on energy and contribute to lowering the overall carbon footprint of the Company.

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Caring for the environment is integral to our business.


We care for the communities just like how we care for our operations.